“Nord Stream” is a pipeline that exports gas from Russia to Europe via the Baltic Sea and the city of “Moloskovitsy” where the refinery is located. Https://oil.vision/en/the -portefolio / refinery-mill-moloscovici-a-saint-petersburg-in-russia / This refinery is planning the construction of a gas pipeline.

OIL VISION is the project of the Japanese company eKen who works in the oil industry.

The Nord Stream channel bypasses the transit countries and offers direct access to European consumers. As the canal puts 1230km passing through cities such as: St. Petersburg, Kotka, Hanko, Karlshamn, Mukran, it requires a precise and efficient logistic plan.

Nord Stream works closely with logistics contractors and local suppliers in the four ports of the Baltic Sea.
Along the way, Nord Stream has installed logistics platforms that have been strategically chosen so that during construction, the pipelines can be transported to the nearest port.

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